Placemaking Europe

We are the network for placemaking in Europe, connecting practitioners, academics, community leaders, market actors and policy makers throughout Europe in the field of placemaking, public space, social life, human scale and the city at eye level.


We develop and share knowledge; develop, test and use tools; exchange ideas; and actively shape projects together. We support and collaborate with organisations who want to work on placemaking, social life, human scale, and a better eye level experience.


We ACT as Placemaking Europe stewards and uphold standards for kindness, creativity, and inclusion. The work ethics entail no professional prejudice, simply embracing the human scale. We are playful, creative and approachable. 


We CONNECT based on mutual respect of each other’s view, a positive attitude, empathy, and honesty. We are open-minded to new knowledge and share our information and experiences open source. Thus acting as a connector who finds new people or projects to connect. 


We CREATE a platform to elevate cooperation and knowledge exchange through the sharing of stories and tools, presenting best-practices and placing open-calls for help. The Placemaking Europe Network aims to connect placemakers, practitioners, universities, cities, developers, and networks. 


We COLLABORATE within the Placemaking Europe Network because we care about joyful inner cities, attractive outskirts and inviting countrysides. Through the platform, we invite the board, the leaders and the other participants to reach out to one another and help out where possible. 


We COMMIT to action and do not make promises we cannot keep. We aspire to scale up thoughts, skills, and the execution of placemaking projects to help the network grow.

3 kids and 2 adults jumping skipping row on the street


Heart for better public spaces, city at eye level, and cities
Internal collaboration and ownership
All leaders co-create; we all have fun and pride in our work
We support and collaborate with organisations who want to work on better places
Inclusive public space - inclusive network

We are a European network of front-runners, who together accelerate placemaking as a way to create healthy, inclusive, and beloved communities. 


To make the spaces we live into places we love. Create a thriving, equitable, and sustainable world by joining values, passion, and action around our public spaces.