September, 2024

Creating better
cities together


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Hosting city

Our hosting city for this year’s edition is Rotterdam, Netherlands!

Rotterdam is a bold, forward, and dynamic city in the Netherlands. It is Europe’s largest seaport and home to people from all corners of the world. Time and time again, the city has had to forge its own path and collectively build – from rebellious creatives to legislators, and from neighborhood leaders to project developers. Everyone has played their part in creating the current vibrant city.

Rotterdam is in a constant flux, with a changing harbor, ongoing urban transformations, a growing emphasis on individual expression, and residents with evolving needs. There is also a growing call for a more balanced relationship with water, nature, and addressing climate change. This all leads to a competition for public space and a demand for an innovative and flexible approach to create spaces where people feel a sense of belonging. That is why Rotterdam is working hard to support, protect and utilize placemaking and placemakers for society and the economy.

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The themes

Placemaking Europe explores transversal topics like gender, multigenerational places, place-based economic development, technology and smart cities, inclusive prosperity, creative bureaucracy, arts and culture, and more. This year’s festival will explore 4 overarching themes that correlate with these approaches to placemaking, as well as with the city of Rotterdam’s distinct placemaking initiatives and goals:

The speakers

Keilepand is our home base in Rotterdam!

Our home base for the week will be at The Keilepand, located in the Rotterdam Makers District of Merwe-Vierhavens (M4H) Rotterdam, which is a special site that tells an impressive placemaking story.

The city

Rotterdam is known for its harbor, lively cultural life, modern architecture and… placemaking. The extensive distribution system including rail, roads, and waterways have earned Rotterdam the nicknames “Gateway to Europe” and “Gateway to the World.”

The city’s nightlife is filled with diversity. Glamorous cocktail bars and classic pubs, hip and happening dance clubs and intimate concert venues. Rotterdam also has a varied architectural landscape, including skyscrapers designed by architects such as Rem Koolhaas, Piet Blom and Ben van Berkel.

Rotterdam exhibits impressive examples of placemaking and sets a stage for a future of initiatives that cater to diverse groups and that address complex issues across various topics in the city.

In Rotterdam, during Placemaking Week Europe 2024, you can explore the hidden forces in placemaking and aspects of the process that are vital for innovation. Engage in inventive thinking and explore how this can contribute to making your city a more inclusive, resilient, and dynamic urban environment.

In this quest we team up with local heroes who sometimes navigate beyond existing power structures to create a sense of place. Next to that we invite you to join the discussion on how to acknowledge and ensure placemaking in the systemic reality.

Join us in Rotterdam, let’s create space to make a lasting place!

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24th — 27th


September, 2024

Creating better
cities together

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