Cities in Placemaking

A city-to-city learning programme with and for European cities



Launched on

March 20, 2023

About the project

Placemaking Europe is very excited to launch our new initiative – the Cities in Placemaking programme!

In recent years, the placemaking movement has grown immensely thanks to the inspiring and fearless local leaders who have championed this approach. We now see that these actions can only lead to sustainable and long-term changes if they are supported by decision-makers and local government. This is why we, Placemaking Europe, are committed to making placemaking systemic. We believe that involving a growing number of civil servants in placemaking is a path to a more sustainable and resilient future, with the interests of communities at its heart.

We are now launching Cities in Placemaking – a city-to-city learning programme with and for European cities.

Cities in Placemaking is a continuous, 2-year learning partnership for municipal public administrations starting in March 2023. The programme creates awareness and practical knowledge about placemaking and builds a group of innovative, solution-oriented and passionate city representatives who put placemaking at the heart of urban transformation. Together we are setting new standards for creating healthy, inclusive and lovable communities through better public space.

Cities in Placemaking:

  • Who for? The Cities in Placemaking programme is aimed at civil servants from European cities. The partnership for the programme is formed between Placemaking Europe and a Municipality.
  • How long is the programme? This programme lasts 2-years.
  • When does the programme start? The kick-off meeting is taking place on March 20-22 in Amsterdam.
  • What is the fee for participation in the programme? The fee for participation in the programme is €10,000 per year.

Our mission is to create a next generation of placemaking experts in governance and together and through the programme we strive to:

  1. work, share and learn together with the Placemakers from the municipalities,
  2. break down the silos and advocate for placemaking at the Municipalities,
  3. develop a roadmap for placemaking for systemic change.

We are now completing the group of several municipalities that are becoming European pioneers in implementing placemaking at a strategic level through their commitment to the programme. If you are interested in the programme, you can find more information in the brochure and reach out to us!




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