Placemaking Europe


The members of the network are working on different projects and in different regions at the same time. Here you can explore all projects of the network. Outcomes of the projects you will find in stories and tools. Upcoming activities and possibilities to engage, involve or meet you will find in activities section.

10 subjects we work on

We build the network, organize meetings, collect placemaking tools and stories. We are practitioners, work on our own projects, help others where needed. We write and publish books and articles. We set the tone in the debate on placemaking and the city at eye level.

Placemaking Week Europe

Placemaking Week Europe is Europe’s biggest conference and festival celebrating the impact of placemaking on the urban fabric. Approximately 400 placemakers, a diverse mixture of professionals working on creating a better public space and city at eye level, met in Valencia from June 12th-15th 2019. A variety of placemakers, politicians, civil servants, developers, big and small companies shared best practices, create new knowledge in interactive workshops, accelerate existing and new projects and celebrate the growing contribution of placemaking in creating better cities.

Tooltest days

The ‘Tooltest Day’ initiative is envisioned as a platform for placemaking tools development/sharing in a network-based environment. Periodically we test tools all over Europe. We report the results on this website.

It is one of the activities the Placemaking Europe toolbox group organizes. If you want to join register at the toolbox facebookpage.