Our projects

Cities in Placemaking

A city-to-city learning programme with and for European cities

Placemaking for Citizen-led Missions in SE Europe (PLACE)

Under the PLACE project we will be designing and delivering a series of local placemaking processes in Slovenia, Croatia and Sicily.

Neighbourhood Fest & Park[ing] Day for Fitness

Park(ing) Day for Fitness builds on the original Park(ing) Day concept - taking over a parking spot for your own human-scale and community use - now with physical activity, movement, or fitness in mind.

Tooltest Day Initiative

The Tooltest working group is a collective of Placemaking Europe leaders that work on testing, measuring and improving placemaking tools.

Past projects

Placemaking for Active Recreation Kit (PARK)

The project’s overall objective is to link placemakers, such as grassroots urban designers, and grassroots sports organisations and professionals.

Porch Placemaking Week 2020

A project is about connecting with neighbours through small scale, tactical projects.

Our City? Countering Exclusion in Public Space

When do people feel at home in a city, when do they call it 'our city?' What are the suitable strategies for fostering inclusion


Researching placemaking & placemaking tools




24th — 27th

September, 2024

Creating better
cities together

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