Florum Manual

How to use mobile furniture for public space as a catalyst to enable community-led activities?


Mara Haas & Anna Aigner from Superwien Urbanism ZT Gmbh

Process Step

In the central areas of Floridsdorf in Vienna, the local public library “Weisselbad” has emerged as one of the most active local actors which functions as a multiplier to the local community. As the library shows interest in interacting more with the neighbourhood and being more visible in public space, the idea of constructing a mobile furniture that can be used for small events, such as readings or workshops in the public park next to the library came up. The idea evolved to a mobile and flexible furniture for the entire neighbourhood. Being the owner of the furniture, the library functions not only as a user of the furniture, but also as a platform to lend it to neighbours and help them organise their events. Thus, the library takes an active role in revitalising the neighbourhood and acts as a platform for a lively neighbourhood.

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