Usage analysis, a placemaking tool

This Ville Hybride publication aims to facilitate user-centric urban design through usage analysis. This publication includes a step-by-step guide along with a printable worksheet for conducting time-sensitive and gender-sensitive space […]

Temporary Modular Furniture Tool

Modular furniture is an easy way to provide temporary solutions for public spaces. From seating options like benches and chairs, to tables, mini-gardens, and functional art pieces, this type of […]

Ownership Rating

Sense of ownership is the sense of control and responsibility that local residents have over their close living environment. The design and maintenance of public space and the different visions […]

Tunnel Tool

During the modern period, the strategy of creating safe school routes for children and separating them from cars by building tunnels was a popular solution to eliminate the need for […]

The Radius

The manual motivates you to use the 15-minute city concept with public space analysis in order to get to know your project, on either the block or city scale, more […]

Plinth Rating Manual

Transforming a street, a district, an inner city, or creating a new district with a great city at eye level takes years and usually involves incremental steps forward. Nevertheless, it’s […]

Park(ing) Day

In cities around the world, parallel parking stimulates car dependency leading to increased congestion, rising pollution, and less space for people. The approaches that generate these conditions are no longer […]




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September, 2024

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