Researching placemaking & placemaking tools


Oslo & Vienna

Launched on

February 1, 2019


July 1, 2020

About the project

This work under the PlaceCity Project – Placemaking for sustainable, thriving cities – fulfils collaborative work to procure a robust understanding of the current conditions and practices of placemaking in the Oslo and Vienna contexts, as well as a bigger picture for the European level. This is very important to the overall PlaceCity project, as this work acts as a foundation and a jumping off point for the team’s collective strategies and plans for the coming time in Oslo and Vienna to create more sustainable and thriving places. 

Throughout this section of the project, occurring from February 2019 – July 2020, the team members have carried out desk research, as well as interviewed local stakeholders from the Oslo and Vienna case sites of Gronland neighbourhood and Floridsdorf neighbourhood respectively. Analysis of this allowed us to gather vital information of how these city makers connect in a network, projects they do, challenges they experience, tools and resources they apply, and a preliminary understanding of financial models that structure their work.


We are proud to present our publication, “Exploring Placemaking in Context”, an e-book that showcases all this amazing research, analysis and information acquired in Oslo and Vienna during this phase.

Additionally, this ebook has advanced a more refined strategy for the Placemaking Europe Toolbox through knowledge gained and an evolving re-categorisation of the tools for easier user. 




24th — 27th

September, 2024

Creating better
cities together

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