May 22, 2023

Placemaking Europe

A new look for our website!

As the European placemaking network grows steady, Placemaking Europe sets to reach its public with a new website that can allocate the different resources, media and news Placemaking Europe. 

With clarity and constructiveness at the driving concepts, the Valencia-based graphic designer Diego March has developed Placemaking Europe’s savvy digital environment and brand strategy; crafting a comprehensive visual system, overarching from the new portfolio to the fresh Placemaking Week Europe’s sub-identity.

A full digital identity has been devised. A design system built for all the touchpoints that both the network and its guests interact with. Mixing a new set of fonts that expand the visual tone of the brand, Inter, Urbanist and Source Serif Pro –all of them open-source fonts– help establish a more humane voice, and bring a more flexible system that can interact with the different sides of the Placemaking agenda.

Dive into the new site to find out how this new visual system unfolds through the different parts of the Placemaking Europe work.

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October 13, 2023

Some personal reflections after Placemaking Week Europe 2023 ...




24th — 27th

September, 2024

Creating better
cities together

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