Inspiring Cities

The Inspiring Cities Working Group comes together on a shared passion for creative media brought into urbanism.


We believe in the potential of different forms of media to spark inspiration, steer discussion and bring out of box thinking into urbanism at large and placemaking in particular. Exposure into the world of film and video art can help us to build interdisciplinary linkages, ensure diverse perspectives and open up space for more experimentation. In practical terms film and video art could be an insightful tool for bringing attention to areas issues and spark a discussion on critical issues. In addition,  watching and enjoying a movie together can be part of a placemaking or slow urbanism process.


We come together to explore film and other media tools as a source of inspiration and medium for (critical) discussions around cities and places. In addition to steering discussions, our intention is also to expand potentials of film as a tool for placemaking research and action. By uniting mediums of urbanism and film we aim to explore new ideas, tools & methodologies for both disciplines.

How we will achieve this?

Compile an up to date database of existing and upcoming films and other media (from podcasts to documentaries) on placemaking, great cities, urbanism, and urban issues.


Build partnerships across different locales for joint screenings and listening sessions and discussions.

Unite in an international platform of festivals collectives & individuals interested and working in similar topics.

Co-create a European agenda of critical issues, approaches and possible solutions by employing film & media as a medium for steering discussions across contexts.

Grow into a platform that can cooperate with organisations & individuals that are interested in the potential of film and video art to offer expertise and professional exchange in the field.

Share and present films, podcasts and other media in placemaking projects: find best practices, create a toolbox.

Provide a platform for international architecture film festivals for long – and short term cooperation and joint funding applications.

Join us!

Inspiring Cities Working Group aims to hold regular bimonthly meetings, but frequencies might change when there is an ongoing project.




24th — 27th

September, 2024

Creating better
cities together

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