Park[ing] Day for Fitness

This tool was inspired by the Parking Day concept by Rebar of taking over a parking spot for your own human-scale and community use. The mission of the Park(ing) Day […]


Lead the way to user’s future visions with a ‘wishfinding’ signpost! Many placemaking projects start with the question: what are people missing in this neighborhood? Wishfinding (in Dutch: bewenswijzering) is […]

Urban Camping

This manual will serve as a guide for people who are looking for participatory observation methods. The manual will look into details of urban camping: camping in a caravan on […]

Time Machine Manual

Our urban environment could be seen as the illustration of a book: it helps to explain all the stories and experiences of the past, shaped by its different users through […]

The Suitcase

Behind the enigmatic term “the suitcase” lies a simple DIY (Do It Yourself) concept : an easily transportable, attractive and readable ensemble that enables the visualisation of a project, evolves […]

The Spiel Mobile

The Spiel Mobile tool provides for mobile, pop-up consultation that is playful, engaging, and meaningful. It creates a space that attracts and engages people of all ages and abilities in […]

The City at Eye Level for Kids

If you want to co-design neighbourhoods and city centres that are healthy, safe, accessible, interactive and stimulating for children and their parents, here is the solution you need – The […]

Sticker democracy tool

The sticker democracy tool is an engaging low threshold tool that’s perfect to explore your community’s needs and wishes, to get feedback, and to evaluate your ongoing process. It allows […]

Problem Tree

By using the Problem Tree tool, the participants get the chance to hold open conversations about their neighborhood’s problems, voice their concerns and expectations, and suggest some solutions, all while […]




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