Tooltest Day Crew

The “Tooltest Day Crew” is a group of experienced urban professionals, planners and designers, based in different countries around Europe.


Tooltest Day is a concept of collective development in the European Placemaking network Toolbox. We do believe that collective approach of professionals in creation of such toolbox can bring complex view on the tools. Sharing the knowledge and successful tools which are accessible for all will boost our further work and help us in effectivity and success in our project. Particular test of all the tools should not be considered as additional work. Our aim is to design process based on testing the tool by using them in your individual projects.


Since June 2019, the “Tooltest Day Crew” has facilitated three individual editions of the “Tooltest Day” tactical urbanism events, and all of them were coordinated internationally.

Our next step is to further upscale the “Tooltest Day” events formula, publish the main findings, data and in-depth perspectives of the first three individual editions, as well as build upon the collected experiences and develop the initiative further collaboratively with the hands-on placemaking experts globally.


To provide more visibility for placemaking tool(boxes), to highlight their implementation potentials internationally and earn recognition for the placemaking tools’ value in the process of urban development policy making.

To familiarise wider audiences (of both design and planning professionals as well as citizens) with hands-on placemaking tools and educate these audiences how to use them as means for inclusive, sustainable way of urban (re)development of neighbourhoods and cities.

To compare, analyse and offer “proof of concept” for placemaking tools through rapid prototyping and tactical urbanism experiments, to share and disseminate the generated knowledge on practical implementations among urban professionals.

Join us!

The Tooltestday Crew Working Group meet on a regular basis online, often monthly, but we may meet more frequently depending on an upcoming Tool Test Day!




24th — 27th

September, 2024

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