Placemaking Europe

Towards an open source placemaking toolbox.

Why an open source placemaking toolbox?

Throughout the years, via the City at Eye Level program and other means, we have gathered and shared open source examples of successful city at eye level and placemaking projects.

One of the recurring question people asked us was: All those examples are great, but can you give us more knowledge about the tools behind these examples?

Since 2017 we have been working on a placemaking toolbox to share some of the secrets behind the case studies. For the Cities for All conference we asked the network to share some of their tools.

This resulted in the booklet with some interesting tools.

Even though people appreciated the booklet, we still got similar feedback: people need more knowledge about how to use the tools, and we need more tools!

This resulted in a fresh ambitious plan for an open source Placemaking Europe Toolbox. We were lucky enough to get help from JPI Urban Europe to start the PlaceCity project, in which we can work together with partners in Austria, Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands, to speed up the process of building the toolbox, to test and improve the tools with cities and other partners.

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Downloadable Manuals

Building an open source Placemaking Toolbox.

We plan to build an open source placemaking toolbox, in which you can share your tools. We invite you to submit a tool you find relevant for this open source toolbox, using the “add a tool” format on this site, write a manual for your tool, using the “add a manual” format on this site.

Test the tools and send us your feedback

The toolbox management group, chaired by the board of Placemaking Europe, will guard the quality of the tools and manuals published on this site, will read and help edit the draft manuals. They will also help with using the feedback to improve the tools..

We plan to add as many manuals as we can ourselves, from our own books and practices, but also by writing manuals about some of the tools you suggest.

We made a list of toolcategories we use to select tools. In each category we have selected tools we could write manuals for. Please help us select the most relevant tools.


Public life studies
Placemaking PPS tools
CAEL/Better streets tools
Community engagement tools
Tactical urbanism
Place-led development
Design tools
Place & street management
City-wide strategies
Finance tools
Inclusive tools
Seasonal placemaking
Kids tools
Crowd management
Happy cities & wellbeing
Innovation & place

How can you use the placemaking toolbox?

You are free to use the open source toolbox, following the creative commons rules.

How to write your manual…

Build and use your personalized toolbox mix with us.

Every situation needs a personalized toolbox. We can help you select the tools you need for your project and implement the tools with you. For more information contact us.

Submit your tool

We love new tools! If you have a suggestion for a placemaking tool, please submit it by filling out this form.