Placemaking Europe

Urban Camping

How to be present within the urban landscape in a surprising and open way to engage with the local community


Djina Bruine de Bruin, Nazaket Azimli & Eva Zemmour, STIPO

Tool type

Implementation guide

Process Step

Engage your community

This manual will serve as a guide for people who are looking for participatory observation methods. The manual will look into details of urban camping: camping in a caravan on a square (or another urban space) to converse with users of the square and experience the place and it’s daily rhythm by being present. This multiple-day intervention within public space is helpful for understanding the soul of the place, to build a network through spontaneous encounters (triangulation) and informal conversations. It is also an intervention that can very naturally facilitate on-site brainstorming sessions. These different elements and layers can be useful in the exploration phase of area transformation, placemaking projects or participation processes.

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