Place Game Manual

If you want to improve the sense of place in an area you work on, create a higher sense of involvement in the local community using a simple, flexible, and […]


The pictogramming method is a participatory method that can reveal how communities can use a place to further create dialogue on the behavioral patterns of the users. It is well […]

Park(ing) Day

In cities around the world, parallel parking stimulates car dependency leading to increased congestion, rising pollution, and less space for people. The approaches that generate these conditions are no longer […]

Open Call for Ideas Handbook

The „Open Call“ is a tool for the joint appropriation and design of public space that mobilises the local community to engage. The temporary activation of public spaces (“enabling spots”) […]

Mobile Research Station

This tool guides you through how to take your research outside by using a simple wooden structure on wheels that allows passersby to answer various questions and express their opinions. […]

Light Interventions Handbook

Creating a light intervention can be a great way to enliven a place even in winter. Additionally, used by the community, it can increase the sense of ownership of a […]

Impact Measurement Tool

Placemakers are creating multiple values, as proven by diverse research studies in the field. With local governments and semi-governments stepping back, the societal challenges of our cities need those initiatives. […]

Huasipichanga Methodology

This manual is thought to guide you through the process of co-creation in the (re)activation of public spaces. It explains every phase you can implement while linking them to a […]

Florum Manual

In the central areas of Floridsdorf in Vienna, the local public library “Weisselbad” has emerged as one of the most active local actors which functions as a multiplier to the […]

Facade Garden Manual

By placing plants, flowerpots and even benches in front of your house, you claim your space in public. This place is still public, but you create a small area that […]




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