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The Toolbox: a curated collection of placemaking resources

You can browse this collection of tools either related to the step in the placemaking process, or thematically.


The Toolbox is integral to better placemaking. At Placemaking Europe, we acknowledge the need for a common platform to share our public space resources that can be adaptable across contextsMoreover, it is important that we bring together all our unique perspectives, and thus a wide variety of tools (as the placemaking processes encompasses many disciplines and topics from the moment of inception to completion and upkeep). 


We feel this open-source toolbox allows placemakers to work on projects and achieve their goals to make better places regardless of their background or previous experience.  This is a “one stop page” to find the right resource to apply to your project or context.  Additionally, as these manuals are invented and developed by those intimately attached to the projects that the tool has been applied to, we can gain deep insights into the contextual application, applaud these placemakers’ tool contributions to the network, and even have the ability to reach out and ask advice for how to apply the tool in different contexts. From this collection of resources, placemaking work is able to be locally relevant, while globally competitive with international and multidisciplinary inputs to support a robust process and strategy, and therefore, a successful and enduring place users want to keep coming back to. 



Below you can browse through resources towards making  places lively, functioning, and long lasting.  The Toolbox is at the core of Placemaking Europe’s work – we are proud to share examples from the network and from others to help future work. The collection is structured and curated by Placemaking Europe with tools invented and developed from others.  Tools in the The Toolbox include work by Project for Public Spaces, Rebar Studio (San Fransisco), as well as tools created by members of the Placemaking Europe network itself, like the Light Intervention Handbook and Placemaking Pils by  Helene Gallis and Laura Martinez from Nabolagshager.  

Tools by the Process Step of Placemaking

In a perfect world,  placemaking could occur chronologically, in order with all the relevant tools listed in order for when to apply to your project – from inception of the project all the way to completion and upkeep. Of course, this is not how our public space projects develop, as much as we would like them to!  Rather, the steps or phases, and thus the related tools in which to apply,  are iterative with tiptoes forward, leaps ahead, backtracks, and repeats of these steps based on your unique context, resources, team, etc. Ultimately, all these steps  listed below ought to be included in a quality placemaking strategy, regardless of the order and repetitions right for you and your team. We hope these steps guide you through your own work in a logical, progressive, adaptable and enjoyable way.  Click on the boxes to explore further!

Tools by the Themes of Placemaking

Below you can explore tools listed by our eight themes of placemaking. We hope this assists you to zero in on topics relevant to your context and goals.  Please click on the boxes to access the thematically related tools. 


Check out the FULL range of tools and their downloadable manuals

The tools  are listed above either by the process step or theme in order to help you and your team find the most relevant resource for your current demands.  And here you can browse the full collection of tools altogether. 

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