Placemaking Europe

Take short term action for long term change

Let’s get tactical, tactical! We’re talking lighter, quicker, cheaper here. As placemakers, we need to build trust with the communities we work with. We can do this through “starting with the petunias” – it is important to make visible upgrades and changes, even if it is temporary for now, in order for the users to see and feel that we are not just talk, but about action! 


Some tactical urbanism tools include greening the front plinths with flowers and plants, hosting a Park(ing) Day, creating a parklet, or even displaying a light intervention.  See below for these tools and their manuals, created and developed by diverse authors and public space actors. 



Keep in mind that tools can overlap with themes and process steps. We are always expanding the Placemaking Europe Toolbox filled with open-source resources – please reach out if you know a great public space tool to include.