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PlaceCity stories During the PlaceCity project we share stories from Vienna and Oslo where we test the European Placemaking Toolbox. read more

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We collect and share stories on placemaking and the city at eye level from all over Europe.

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Placemaking Europe write articles on placemaking and the city at eye level. We share a selection of these articles, and of the network, on this website. More articles on our facebookpage.

We cooperate with the Journal of Public Space of sharing stories throughout the year with those interested in public space. Here the latest article written thanks to the collaboration of Placemaking Europe and Journal of Public Space.

We also collaborate is with PlacemakingX. Read about placemaking history, its direction and the people behind the movement in this article.


Quite a challenge… there are many many songs about cities, like wikipedia tells us.

We prepared playlist with songs for Placemaking Week Europe.

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Our City? Countering exclusion in public space

The Cities for All Conference in Stockholm in April 2018, the opportunities and challenges related to placemaking and inclusive cities were explored. When do people feel at home in a city? When do they call it ‘our city’? What are the suitable strategies for fostering inclusivity? There are many ways to look at this subject. From gentrification to shrinking cities. From safe cities for all to healthy, sustainable, and resilient cities.

This book is a natural follow-up to the Stockholm conference and it captures relevant stories gathered by the Placemaking Europe network over the past year, and not only. It provides inspiration and tools for placemakers, politicians, civil servants, institutions and other city lovers.

“We are very grateful to all those parties who chose to share their knowledge and expertise with us and with the greater placemaking community. We believe this book will boost the continuous cooperation between placemakers and other professionals working on inclusive cities.” Jeroen Laven, founder of the network Placemaking Europe. 

Considering the new measure to self isolate and stay home due to COVID-19, we have decided to release the entire book online. We hope this work leaves you inspired in your pursuit to safely activate and empower public spaces inclusively now and into the future. 

read the full pdf newly released online! 

This book is meant for everyone and anyone contributing to the development and creation of better and more inclusive places, from active citizens and placemakers, to city planners, mayors and government ocials. If you strive for a city for all, this book is for you!

The City at Eye Level

knowledge programme, books and articles

The City at Eye Level is a worldwide knowledge programme, initiated by STIPO, focused on creating great streets and plinths. The City at Eye Level collects best practices, tools and other stories from all over the world on creating a great city at eye level and placemaking. The best of the stories are collected in books that are both free to download and can be bought as a hardcopy. The City at Eye Level programme and knowledge was the starting point to create Placemaking Europe.

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  • Largo Residencias, Lisbon
  • Stara Trznica, Bratislava
  • Cascina Roccafranca, Turin please add links





BICICLETAS VS COCHES (del mismo director de “Push”, Fredrik Gertten)


The re:Kreators are a network of people and initiatives who want to enable sustainable, social and participative urban area development. The re:Kreators use placemaking and city at eye level techniques to create thoughtful, fun, meaningful and inclusive places that lift the spirits. They create ruptures and alternatives in people’s imagination about how a city could be, through space and collective ownership models. The re:Kreators are connected to Placemaking Europe.


On the re:Kreators website stories are gathered on challenging and inspiring initiatives.


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Cooperative city magazine

Our cities are complex and multilayered: they are created by a multiplicity of actors, formal and informal, from neighbourhood initiatives and citizen movements to private and public development projects, policy frameworks and international funding schemes. City making is a set of negotiated processes that unfold in networks of actors through confrontations, conflicts, alliances and cooperations.


Cooperative City explores these processes through the testimonies of their protagonists, telling stories of urban transformation from different viewpoints. By focusing on the experiences of those who make, transform and enhance European cities, the magazine addresses their relationships, their challenges and their successes in bringing forward more inclusive and resilient cities.

Cooperative City magazine is a project run by Eutropian.


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