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Abidemi Agwor

Unlocking Africa’s Underground Space Use for a Sustainable and Equitable Social Impact

Alexandra Signer

Co-Founder & Chief Why Not at one11

Antonia Cornaro

Expert Underground Space at Amberg Engineering, Co-chair ITACUS, Lecturer at ETH Zürich

Charles Landry

International authority on using imagination in urban change. President of the Creative Bureaucracy Festival

Christos Carras

Founding Director of Carras Consulting Synergies for Culture

David Andersson

Arts & Culture Team at Bloomberg Associates

Emily Silverman

Founding Director at the Urban Clinic, and Senior Lecturer at Hebrew University

Floor Ziegler

Founder at StadmakersCooperatie & Citymaker

Giselle Sebag

Executive Director at the International Society for Urban Health (ISUH)

Gregorio Lucena Scarpella

Director of the Global Cultural Districts Network (GCDN)

Han Admiraal

Urban Strategist, Thought Leader, Insights Provider, Safety Consultant, Planning Advisor, Author, Chair of the committee ITACUS

Hanna Harris

Chief Design Officer, City of Helsinki

Ivana D’Alessandro

Head of Unit: Intercultural Cities, Council of Europe

James Ardinast

Founder & CEO at SOUP

Jonathan Speier

Founder at SOUP

Julia Pineda

Urbanist and partner at Crearqció coop.v.

Laura Ve

Programme leader at Department of Climate, Environment and Urban Development of the Municipality of Bergen

Matthias Rauch

Head of Cultural Innovation & Creative Economy at NEXT Mannheim

Shana Debrock

Policy officer Flemish Government at the department of Urban Environment and PhD researcher on Underground urbanism

Shauna Brail

Director and Associate Professor, Institute for Management & Innovation at University of Toronto

Theo Stauttener

Partner at Stadkwadraat

Tiago Mota Saravia

Managing Partner at ateliermob




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