Placemaking Europe

Frequently asked questions

Dear participant,


Today’s the day! Finally, after months of preparation, we are thrilled to welcome you to the beautiful city of Pontevedra for four days full of inspiration, learning and connecting to create better cities together. 


In this  you will find the most up to date practical information to help you make the most of these festival days. 



Thinking consciously about our environment and lifespan of the materials, you will find most of the information in the digital format. The full programme is available on SCHEDCLICK HERE & sign up for your own personal schedule.

  • Note: please double check the venue address for your sessions. 

On this digital map, you will find festival venues and restrooms. CLICK HERE



The check-in desk will be available at Santa Clara Convent on Tuesday from 10 a.m., and on Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. You will receive a festival bracelet that will give you access to the sessions and a tote bag.



If you want to know where the festival sessions are held, check SCHED. You can find the locations of the venues on the digital map. CLICK HERE

  • TEATRO: Teatro Principal (Principal Theatre), Rúa Paio Gómez Charino 6
  • TEUCRO: Praza do Teucro (Teucro Square)
  • CAMPAS: Casa das Campás (House of Bells), Rúa Don Filiberto 9
  • SANTA CLARA: Convento de Santa Clara (Santa Clara Convent), Rúa Santa Clara 
  • SANTA MARIA: Sala de Exposicións (Exhibition Hall), Av. Santa María 15
  • MUSEO: Museo Provincial de Pontevedra – Edificio Castelão (Provincial Museum) Rúa Padre Amoedo Carballo 3


There are toilets at three locations. The locations can be found on the digital map. CLICK HERE



WiFi is available for free in the indoor venues. Please check the signs posted to access the network at each location. 



Most of the restaurants in the historic city centre are small independent businesses, and around our main venues [TEUCRO (Praza do Teucro), CAMPAS (Casa das Campás) and TEATRO (Teatro Principal)] you will find numerous places where you can enjoy tapas, traditional Galician dishes, Spanish dishes and international cuisine.


QUESTIONS for the Placemaking Europe team?

The Placemaking Europe team will wear badges. If you have any questions, please reach out to us in person. We will have limited capacity to answer questions via email, but we will do our best to help you on the spot. 


LEADING A SESSION? Bring your laptop.

If you are a collaborating  speaker?  Remember that at least one person for the session should bring a laptop and USB – please coordinate this within your session team. 



In case of schedule changes, or other important announcements, you will find them on Instagram and Facebook stories. Participants who are signed up for the session will also get a direct notification via SCHED.



Mustafa Sherif is hosting a podcast booth. If you are interested in being interviewed, please contact Mustafa at to set a date and exact time. 


STIPO Living Room

AT SANTA CLARA (Santa Clara Convent), STIPO will host a cosy relaxation and networking space. We welcome you to stop by, put your feet up, and enjoy the splendour of the freshly ex-cloistered convent and meet the STIPO team.  



During the festival, we will be active mainly on  Instagram and Twitter. Use the hashtag #PlacemakingWeekEurope and tag us, and we will be happy to repost your stories! We would also love to read your reflections after the event.

We are excited to meet you in person, see you very soon!

For necessary urgencies regarding Placemaking Week Europe, please reach out via phone respectively:
Paloma Medina – Venue logistics & productions +34607397475
Lauren Schiff – Breakout session content & SCHED +34662489170
Marta Popiolek – Keynotes +48602353355
Olga Sowa – Communications +48698925367
Ramon Marrades – City Partners +34671746284
Anna Louise Bradley – Miscellaneous +310682182753

By plane

Pontevedra can be easily reached by plane through the three Galician airports and even from Porto airport in Portugal.

The closest airport to the city is Peinador airport in Vigo, just 30 km away and another good option is Rosalia de Castro airport in Santiago, 74 km away.

If you arrive at Vigo airport, there is a bus line that will take you to the centre of Vigo (Vitrasa line 9A). There are frequent bus and train connections to Pontevedra from Vigo.

If you want to get to Pontevedra by train, Vigo has two stations: Urzaiz and Guixar. The approximate duration of the trip to Pontevedra, depending on the type of train, is 20 minutes.

If you land at Santiago airport you can get to the bus station of Santiago with the company Monbus and with the bus line 6 Airport-Los Tilos, this same line has a stop near the train station.

  • Vigo Airport Bus:
  • Train Vigo – Pontevedra:
  • Bus Vigo – Pontevedra:
  • Train Santiago – Pontevedra:
  • Bus Santiago – Pontevedra:

By train or bus

In Pontevedra the train and bus stations, although in separate buildings, are within the same urban space and pedestrianised, which favours and facilitates connections and communications. They are also located 10-12m from the urban center of the city.

From the bus station there are 2 bus lines that connect some neighborhoods of the city.

Travel sustainably

We strongly encourage you to try to reduce your carbon footprint when traveling, especially if you are traveling from neighboring countries. To make it easier, you can share your plans in the comments of the post on our Facebook group, or take advantage of the offer prepared by our STIPO colleague Jaap Schoufour.

Out-Word Journey

Sunday 25th of September:

  • Departure from Bordeaux St. Jean station at 17 PM by minibus
  • Arrival in Bilbao 21 PM
  • Dinner and overnight stay in hostel of hotel

Monday 26th of September:

  • Departure from Bilbao at 10 AM to Pontevedra
  • Arrival in Pontevedra at 17 PM 

Return Trip

Saturday 1st of October

  • Departure from Pontevedra at 10 AM
  • Arrival in Bilbao at 17 PM
  • Dinner and overnight stay in hostel of hotel

Sunday 2nd of October

  • Departure from Bilbao at 9 AM to Bordeaux
  • Arrival in Bordeaux at 14 PM (a variety of trains to for example Paris depart from 14.46 PM and later)


  • Stipo will take care of the rental of minibusses from Bordeaux to Pontevedra and return to Bordeaux as scheduled above. This will cost € 100 pro person based on 8 person in one minibus for rental, toll roads and fuel
  • Participants themselves have to arrange and book travel to Bordeaux
  • Participants themselves have to arrange and book overnight stay in Bilbao

If you are interested contact before Wednesday 8th of September 2022.

To participate in all events and activities, we recommend arriving on or before 27 September. The official opening day events will take place on 27 September, with check-in registration from 10:00 to 17:00. Our hospitality zone, “The Living Room”, will be open for chats and networking at the Santa Clara Convent before our opening plenary session starting at 18:00. We will also have tours of Pontevedra through the day. Following the opening words, we will have evening games and activities in the main square TEUCRO. 

It is important and necessary that you visit the check-in desk before taking part in the activities or events. There you will receive your official welcome bag, access badge/bracelet, a brochure with important local information and food deals. 

* The check-in and reception desk will be opened the following conference days starting from 9:00 am. 

Most of the restaurants in the historic city centre are small independent businesses, and around our main venues (Praza do Teucro, Casa das Campás and Teatro Principal) you will find numerous places where you can enjoy tapas, traditional Galician dishes, Spanish dishes and international cuisine.

English-Spanish and Spanish-English will be available for the Teatro and Praza do Teucro keynotes as simultaneous translation with headphones. For all other events, you can find out via your SCHED app which language is mainly spoken and if translation is available.

When you join Placemaking Week Europe, our partner hotels offer you a 10% discount when you book directly with them via email. Just go to the website below, email for availability and don’t forget to mention that you are participating in Placemaking Week Europe to benefit from the discount!

The main language spoken in Pontevedra is Spanish. However, Galician is spoken by more than one-third of the population in Pontevedra, so it’d be nice to use ola (OH-lah) to say hello, grazas (GRAH-sahs) to say thank you, and adeus (ah-DEH-oos) to say goodbye when interacting with locals.

The event officially ends on the evening of 30 September, and like every Placemaking Week Europe, we want to celebrate! So please plan to join us for our closing party after the closing plenary. We recommend you to go home on 1 October at the earliest.

Masks are still required in public transport and health centres. There are no other restrictions unless the facility you are visiting dictates otherwise.

As a Placemaking Week Europe participant, you can sign up for free activities in Pontevedra and the surrounding area via your SCHED app, such as city tours. We recommend that you spend a day on the coast of Pontevedra if you have the time. Weather permitting, you can take the ferry to the Islas Cíes or visit the ancient ruins of Monte Facho, one of the oldest sanctuaries in Galicia.

We are pleased to share our 2022 Placemaking Week Europe programme online here, with SCHED (click here). Use your eventbrite ticket (click here)  to officially signup for sessions.  

While we certainly respect your decision to be involved or not, we would like to inspire you to collaborate, co-create, and innovatively develop your content with other experts who all have different perspectives and skill sets. Part of the nature of a Placemaking Week Europe is to bring individuals together through our Open Call and pair them in complementary skills/topics for a shared and even more impactful session. We believe this will push all our contributions forward. Notably, while the session we put together between you and another must hold a shared theme and connect, we also keep in mind the time sensitivities to make sure your unique proposal is highlighted and withhold the integrity of your content. If in the end, you decide group work is not for you, please let us know that you will not be participating.

Yes! We will be offering a range of networking, games, walkshops and social events as part of the programme. Please stay tuned as we release this information in advance.

For any information on the opportunities to host side events outside of the programme session times, please contact
For example, this could be leading a casual and friendly ‘morning coffee chat’ on a given topic before we start the day’s program.