Placemaking Europe

Speakers in the PWE'22

Anuela Ristani

Deputy Mayor of Tirana

Carmen Mays

Community & Economic Development Consultant, Founder of Elevators

Cecilia Vaca Jones

Policymaker and Consultant, Former Advisor at Bernard van Leer Foundation

Charles Landry

Author and International Advisor

David Partridge

Citybuilder and Architect, Chairman Related Argent

David Sim

Architect, Author of "Soft City"

Demetrio Scopelliti

Architect & Urban Design Advisor, Director at AMAT

Giselle Sebag

Architect, Urbanist & Public Health Practitioner, Executive Director at the International Society for Urban Health (ISUH)

Jan Kattein

Architect and Lecturer, Director at Jan Kattein Architects

Jia Ping Lee

Urban Rejuvenator & Place Consultant, Founder of Pollin8

Magdalena Kubecka

Cultural Researcher and Animator, Vice President of On-site Foundation

Marion Waller

Philosopher and Urban Planner, Advisor to the Mayor of Paris

Steve Davies

Architect, President at The Placemaking Fund and Co-founder of Project for Public Spaces

Marjorie van der Windt-Veit

Cultural and Creative Facility Manager, Manager of Schouwburgplein

Patrick Bernard

Activist, Founder of La République des Hyper Voisins

Moa Sundberg

Civil Engineer, Urban Design Strategist in the Municipality of Helsingborg

Cecilia Fredriksson

Urban Planner in the Municipality of Helsingborg

Johannes Riegler

Urbanist and Geographer, Stakeholder Involvement Officer at JPI Urban Europe

27th - 30th
September, 2022

Creating better citites together