Placemaking Europe

Place-Led Development Working Group

Place-Led Development sits at the nexus of placemaking, community development, and area development. 


The Place-Led Development Working Group envisions a future where urban developments place the quality of communities at the forefront.  

A future where urban development benefits society and raises the quality of lives through a genuine and systemic integration of the people and soul of the place.

 A future of empowered communities, functional uses of the public space, and human interaction with the city at the eye level. 

This future brings together area and property development with placemaking and community development.


We have intentionally come together to promote the creation of places that put people and community first – place led. 


We exist to create more robust, sustainable, equitable, and lively public spheres for urban developments, and overall better quality of lives.

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How will we achieve this?

Promote and raise awareness of placemaking, with a specific focus on community inclusion, human scale, and sustainability, as integral parts of development. 

Identify and create links with early adopters in different sectors and start approaching the right networks to promote inclusive placemaking as the “new normal”.

Create systemic change in the real estate and area development sectors by encouraging them to work collaboratively with communities and other placemakers.

Grow the placemaking network and incorporate system partners that keenly participate in Placemaking Europe for long term collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Work on projects for urban development using a place-led approach with multidisciplinary teams. 

Resources related to Place-Led Development

What is Place-Led Development?

The Value of Placemaking


Case Studies

More case studies coming soon!

Routines & Rhythms

The Place-Led Development Working Group meets on the last Thursday afternoon of every month @ 15 – 16.30, we are happy to welcome interested or new team members. 


Upcoming Moments

Thursday February 11, 2021 @ 18 -19.15 CET    |   DEEP DIVE #1 – Angers Waterfront, Marika Frenette

Thursday February 25, 2021 @ 15- 16.30 CET    |   Internal Group Meeting-  Newcomers welcome, please reach out using the adjacent button. 

Thursday March 25th, 2021 @ 15 -16.30 CET    | Internal Group Meeting – Newcomers welcome, please reach out using the adjacent button. 

Wednesday April 7th, 2021 @ 18 -19.15 CET   |  DEEP DIVE #2 – Club Rhijnhuizen, Hans Karssenberg & Emilie Vlieger

Thursday April 29th, 2021 @ 15 – 16.30 CET  | Internal Group Meeting – Newcomers welcome, please reach out using the adjacent button. 

Working Group Leaders & Active Participants

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