Placemaking Europe

As Placemaking Europe are only as strong as the network that surrounds us. We are very happy to work collaboratively with the large group and variety of people in the network. Explore the Board Members, Leaders, and PlaceCity Makers below!

Board Members

An international board with representatives from all over Europe manages the network. Specifically, the board is comprised of members from Greece, Hungary/Austria, Bulgaria, Sweden and the Netherlands.

The booklet with information on board members and leaders can be downloaded here.

Directors of Placemaking Europe & Secretariat

We are pleased to welcome Charlot Schans and Ramon Marrades as Directors of  Placemaking Europe, appointed by the Board, beginning from September 2020. Anna Louise Bradley acts as administrative secretariat for the organisation.  

PlaceCity Makers

#PlaceCity is an international project to collect placemaking tools, to evaluate them in the cities of #Oslo and #Vienna, and to develop strategies to make the impact of local placemaking long lasting. The #PlaceCity makers are team members who work on different tasks of the project. Follow their activities.


As a board we asked a  group of Placemaking Europe Leaders to help push the growth the network all over Europe and act as a liaison, connector, and spark for their country’s placemaking initiatives.  We update this group of leaders every year.

The booklet with information on board members and leaders can be downloaded here.

Partners and sponsors

We work together with partners and sponsors to use the expertise of Placemaking Europe in projects, as well as build and share knowledge on the European, worldwide, and a local levels.

We will publish a list of our sponsors and partners online soon. If you are interested to become a sponsor or partner please contact us at 


We love our thousands of followers internationally. Some of them are extremely active and help organise many activities. Others play a smaller role, which is also highly appreciated. 

In addition to our website, feel free to follow us on facebook, instagram, linked in or twitter.

Pushing the worldwide network

We work together with the international PlacemakingX movement that pushes placemaking all over the world.