Placemaking Europe

Open up your municipal system

As placemakers, we need to connect to governance, often times in innovative or light ways to get our projects done for temporary interventions.  How can we collaborate with bureaucratic systems in ways that leave both sides happy? We have mutual goals to create value – social, cultural, economic, and environmental – in our cities, and therefore, we certainly can work together towards a shared destination. 

We need innovative bureaucrats embedded within our municipal offices and we as placemakers need to learn to speak their ‘language’.  The Creative Bureaucracy Festival, an integral partner from Placemaking Week Europe 2019 – Valencia, hosts an annual conference touching on this process step.  

“Energise the public sector.” 

– Creative Bureaucracy Festival



Keep in mind that tools can overlap with themes and process steps.

 We are always expanding the Placemaking Europe Toolbox filled with open-source resources – please reach out if you know a great public space tool to include for Opening Up Your Municipal System.

Please reach out!