Placemaking Europe

Milena Ivković

Public Space Designer, Civic Participation Innovator


Board member


Netherlands, Serbia

I’m an architect by trade, and storyteller by heart. My interest is public space in all it’s complexities, from design to planning, from co-creation to urban renewal. I have a passion for uncovering unique ways to use public space, and I enjoy creating new tools for better understanding of public space potentials. Currently I’m Board Executive (CEO) of the Association Placemaking Western Balkans in Belgrade, Serbia and the Creative Director of BLOK 74 Urban Simulations / Urban Communications in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. My working fields are place-led participation and place-led development as well as digital communication and urban gaming.

Skills and expertise

  • International project management, knowledge dissemination and exchange.
  • Design and development of web-based simulations and design tools, based on the experimental use of AR / VR/ XR.

What can you provide to the network

  • Production of collaborative design workshops, helping municipalities and policy makers to get new angles on public space and communicate better with the citizens.
  • Using mixed-media (web, video, product design) to turn planning into stories.

The project you are most proud of

In 2016 I have been part of a small, but relevant placemaking / citizens participation project in Belgrade, Serbia. The subject of the project has been collaborative design of a neighborhood square, replacing a gas station in the middle of the living quarters. The project has been initiated by a local non-profit cultural foundation. Upon their invitation, I have produced a playful “design table” session, using urban gaming as a tool to let the participants express their ideas about the square. The square has been realized several months later, using the outcomes of the session.