Placemaking Europe

Marta Popiolek

Urban researcher


Partnerships and Network Lead



Marta Popiołek has a background in urban planning, which she started to study in her hometown of Warsaw, Poland, and then completed with a Master’s degree at KTH in Stockholm, Sweden. Before starting her journey in urbanism , she had also completed a degree in quantitative methods in economics, which gives her a good foundation in data analysis.


At Placemaking Europe she works on the development of the Cities Network, which is based on the principles of multidisciplinary exchange between experts for equitable city making. When she is back in Poland, she is also involved in various projects that support civic engagement and leads workshops on urban development and placemaking.


Topics that interest Marta are urban liveability, human scale and co-creation. In her spare time you can find her watering her plants an stretching on her mat.

Organizations & affiliations

The project you are most proud of

The project I am most proud of is AfterCovid.City – an initiative that celebrates social proximity in times of physical distance and reclaims the role of people and places to shape a post- world for the better. In 2020, together with Placemaking Europe, we conducted a study and a series of workshops on the results of Covid for our cities, but also on how we can use this opportunity to improve the urban environments – socially, environmentally, economically and physically. This very interesting process led to the creation of a collaborative global charter that defines the needs of our cities to enable a thriving future for cities, and I was very proud to be a part of it.

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