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Make placemaking long lasting

To make placemaking not only a temporary project, but a long term impact, we must make sure belonging and ownership supports the place. From this pride and sense of belonging, it is easier to gather area managers, or feel confident that local stewards will take care of the place after you leave. This process aligns with creating ‘orgware’, or an organisation behind the placemaking project. You can read more about orgware in The City at Eye Level for Plinths book here

This process step is intimately linked with Securing Funding (#9), especially if you and your team plan to set up a structured business model to hire an area manager. If the caretakers of the place come from community as volunteers, it is likely that this will be elucidated during your efforts in Getting to Know the Community and Engaging with the Community. 

Moreover, you can create a framework that programmes the place and uses profits from hosting events to improve the place using the community coalition. Placemaking should be intertwined into the real estate development process – this is what, over the last decade, we started to call “Place Led Development”. Place led development transforms placemaking from one time/temporary interventions into more structural and fundamental urban development.


A tool that assists with place led development is the brochure accessible below – it outlines the steps and strategies to develop while honouring the human scale and the place identity.  We are currently gathering more tools about this process step- we would love to hear from you if you have input to share


See the tools below that specifically relate to Making Placemaking Long Lasting. 



Keep in mind that tools can overlap with themes and process steps. We are always expanding the Placemaking Europe Toolbox filled with open-source resources – please reach out if you know a great public space tool to include.