Placemaking Europe

Levente Polyak

Managing director of Eutropian


Board Member



Managing director of Eutropian, expert at the Urbact and Urban Innovative Actions programmes, participant in transnational research and knowledge-exchange projects related to community-led urban transformation.

Skills and expertise

  • Urban regeneration
  • Spatial justice
  • Cooperative economy
  • Community development
  • Non-speculative real estate development
  • Civic economy
  • Community finance

The project you are most proud of

Funding the Cooperative City explores experiments in community-led urban development in European cities. Through interviews and analyses, the project describes tendencies and contexts, and presents stories and models of community finance and civic economy. It offers a helpful set of resources not only for community organisations and initiators of civic spaces, but also for private developers, municipalities and EU institutions that are willing to support, facilitate or cooperate with them in order to create more resilient and inclusive local communities, facilities and services.

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