Placemaking Europe

Laska Nenova

Managing director of BG Be Active Association Bulgaria


Board member



Laska Nenova has over 25 years of international project management and marketing experience leading people, organizations, projects, and campaigns. She is passionate about creating and implementing large-scale initiatives and campaigns promoting behavior change for people’s health and well-being and strives for her work’s results to have a societal impact. For the past ten years, Laska has led the global NowWeMOVE campaign advocating for the human right to move.

Currently, Laska Nenova is the managing director of BG Be Active Association Bulgaria. Laska is also a founding board member of Placemaking Europe and a FitWel (the world’s leading certification system committed to building health for all) ambassador.

Skills and expertise

  • Health-enhancing physical activity promotion and campaigns
  • Marketing, functional fitness
  • Strategy and opportunity identification
  • Youth work
  • Moving and Health
  • Communication
  • Tactical urbanism

What can you provide to the network

  • Event organization and coordination
  • Advocacy for physical activity
  • Capacity building in the topics – campaigns implementation
  • Organizational management
  • Youth work
  • Fitness testing
  • Community engagement in different projects!

Organizations & affiliations

The project you are most proud of

I have several projects which grow and change and I am proud of all of them. In the placemaking realm, this would be _Spot Bulgaria project which I initiated back in 2017 and through which we introduced the concept of placemaking on a national scale in Bulgaria. The project is currently running and growing and developing. I am also very proud of the achievements of MOVE Week – an initiative which I manage since 2012 on the Europen Scale, No Elevators Day – is also a project I am super fond of, I have the European School Sport day project So, indeed a very tough question and the project is just not one. But let’s say that being part of the development of Placemaking Europe is the project I am very proud of.

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