Placemaking Europe

Fredrik Lindstal

Entrepreneur, placemaker and politician


Board member



Stockholm based entrepreneur, placemaker and politician, currently serving as chairman of the board to the ports of Stockholm. My professional mission is to create inclusive, democratic and vibrant cities & regions. At its core, city planning is about connecting people and creating lovable, livable and workable spaces.  With an intersectional approach and a primary focus on culture, my ambition is to drive this development forward to curate and create spaces for the future.

Skills and expertise

  • Policy making
  • Political questions
  • Funding

What can you provide to the network

  • Placemaking in the nordic countries
  • Collaborations
  • Consultancy
  • Co working space in Stockholm.

Organizations & affiliations

The project you are most proud of

Hornstulls marknad: Stockholmïs largest weekend market welcoming 1.5 m visitors yearly.

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