Placemaking Europe

Develop new areas with human scale

While placemaking endeavours should understand and engage developers, realtors, investors, and financiers from the get go and throughout the entire project- now we encourage you to take this focus further with development led by the place itself relating to new building, area development, and area renewal

Although placemaking and real estate development often seem to be categorised in separate worlds, or even labeled as adversaries, we believe they should not be. Placemaking should be intertwined into the real estate development process. This is what over the last decade we started to call “Place Led Development”. Place led development transforms placemaking from one time/temporary interventions into more structural and fundamental urban development.


A tool that assists with place led development is the brochure accessible below – it outlines the steps and strategies to develop while honouring the human scale and the place identity.  We are currently gathering more tools about this process step- we would love to hear from you if you have input to share


See the tools below that specifically relate to developing new areas with human scale.



Keep in mind that tools can overlap with themes and process steps.