Placemaking Europe

There are a number of ways you can get involved with Placemaking Europe:

Are you curious about placemaking?

Access many resources, inspiration and activities on our website

Feel invited to browse through our Placemaking Europe website, to find inspiring stories and engaging projects and activities to get involved in. 

Here you will also find our open source books, packed with placemaking inspiration, such as The City at Eye Level series and Our City? Countering Exclusion in Public Space, our very first joint Placemaking Europe publication. Our e-books are free for you to download. If you prefer a hard copy version, you may order one in our shop.

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To stay connected, join our Facebook group where many more projects, ideas, calls for content and interesting events are shared by the members of our amazing network. Follow our Instagram, Twitter and Youtube channels, so that you don’t miss out on anything!

Share your work

As a member of our community you are always invited to share your newest tools, best practices and upcoming events in our newsletter and on social media. Do you have something to share?

Please leave your news in the link in the button below. And please inspire other placemakers by sharing your work in the Facebook group.

Do you want to get involved in placemaking activities?

Implement and help develop our open source toolbox

If you want to learn more about placemaking tools that have been developed by placemakers all around the world, have a look at our open source Toolbox, where you will find many do-it-yourself manuals to apply in your placemaking process. 

If you want to have your tool shared in our toolbox, contact us via email or fill out the form below and we will get back to you. And if you successfully implemented a tool in your project we love to hear from you too, and share your experience to inspire others to do the same.

Join a working group

Some of the most active members and leaders of our Placemaking Europe network collaborate in one of our working groups. Most of them have regular virtual meetings, initiate projects together or organize an event, such as a Placemaking Pils. Please find all of them listed on our newly launched Working Groups page, where the coming time more and more working groups will be released. If you see a working group of your interest, feel free to reach out to them directly to see how you may get involved.

Become a Placemaking Europe leader

As you may understand by now Placemaking Europe is shaped by the 4000+ members of our community, our partners, board, organisation, working group members and leaders. Each year our board and organisation invites a group of about 100 leaders that actively help shape the future of Placemaking Europe. These leaders are expected to commit and invest time and resources to collaboratively grow the impact of our movement. 

Are you interested in becoming a leader in the future? Then first of all we invite you to become active in our network in ways that fit your professional endeavours. If your interest continues to grow over time, feel invited to contact me to explore opportunities for the future.

Are you representing a city or an organisation?

Become a Placemaking
Europe city partner

We are currently shaping partnerships for cities and organisations to join Placemaking Europe. As a partner you have access to exclusive services and resources. Our partners join a partner board with other cities and organisations facing similar placemaking challenges and successes, and will be matched with placemaking experts to learn and make a change.

Ideas for collaboration

If you have any other ideas for collaboration, want to start a joint project, co-organize an event, have one of us speak at your conference, invite us to organize a placemaking training or workshop, please email us to the following adress.

Bring Placemaking Week
Europe to your city

We organize an annual Placemaking Week Europe for all placemakers to connect, learn and get inspired. We invite 500 placemaking experts to get together in the host city and work on placemaking challenges in co-creation.

Are you interested in organizing the next Placemaking Week Europe in your city? If you are interested in developing a partnership, please contact:

Ramon Marrades
Placemaking Europe Director,
Director of Placemaking Europe


Cover Placemaking Week Europe in media

We believe that placemaking can help our cities and communities function better. We are a network of practitioners from different countries and disciplines. One of our missions is to spread the word about placemaking and encourage people to join our international community of placemakers and use placemaking in their activities. We see a huge role for the media in this mission. If you would like to join us during Placemaking Europe Week in Pontevedra and share this information with the audience, please contact Dimitra Zouni.

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