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Connect Heritage to Place

A placemaking project never starts from scratch, it is intimately linked to a specific context and to the cultural heritage of a place- both tangible and intangible. Whether tangible (key monuments, squares, statues) or intangible (social customs, rituals, expressions), this heritage needs to be embraced by placemakers along with the community to understand the “soul of the place”.


The following tools will help you to identify with the community and the key elements that define the identity of a place. In a user centred approach, it will allow you to develop a project that genuinely fits this particular place and its users.


Connecting heritage to place is very important to foster the sense of ownership among the community. So, let’s dive into history! 

 We would love to hear from you if you have input to share!  See the tools below that specifically relate to Connecting Heritage to Place.   



Keep in mind that tools can overlap with themes and process steps.

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