Placemaking Europe

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Bring great experiences to your streets  

Now that you have moved through the phase to consider the entire environment tactically (process step #4 Create better places), you are now able to bring great EXPERIENCES to your street using human scale, the city at eye level, and considering plinth design. 


You can play the Eye Level Game (made available below) and read The City at Eye Level books for inspiration and learn about other “eye level projects”. For a place to be memorable, desirable, enjoyable, and absorbed into users’ daily lives, it must consider and design for the plinth and the ground level of buildings.


You can use the tools, created and developed by diverse authors and public space actors, below to help bring great experiences to your streets!  Keep in mind that tools can overlap with themes and process steps.

Ludobarrio: making places by a participatory playful process
Create great EXPERIENCES for and with kids

Please reach out if you know a great public space tool to include. 

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