Placemaking Europe

Be Inclusive

Cities have been a magnet for a diversity of people, particularly in the past half century, as they provide an abundance of economic, creative and social opportunities.  We all want our cities to be open and inclusive for everyone, regardless of lifestyle, religion, culture, wealth, age, sexual orientation or choice of spending free time. 

How do we build an inclusive city in a context when pressure on the capacity and offers of the city is increasing, given the gentrification, expansion of privately owned space and flock of tourism? Our City? Book explores these themes in-depth, but we also have a set of inspiring and useful tools that could help you to address the challenge of inclusivity in your next placemaking project.


 We would love to hear from you if you have input to share!  See the tools below that specifically relate to Being Inclusive. 



Keep in mind that tools can overlap with themes and process steps.

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