Placemaking Europe

Anna Louise Bradley

Urbanist and researcher


Projects Lead



Anna Louise Bradley is an urban researcher and advisor at STIPO. At STIPO, she organises and co-facilitates the annual City at Eye Level international masterclasses in order to handover expertise to professionals working to create better cities, streets, and places. 


Within Placemaking Europe,  Anna acts as the Projects Leader across a variety of international European funded works centred on research to practice cross-pollination, and specifically works with a ‘programme management vision’ to ensure the longevity of the organisation. 

Particular interests include developing urban environments using wayfinding and engagement strategies to boost physical access, safety, fitness, and, ultimately well-being benefits. Anna is also deeply passionate to use data analysis to support social-value creation in our shared spaces. 

Anna has received an Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Toronto looking closely at the connection between mental illness, environmental inputs, and epigenetics. Additionally, Anna continued her time at U of T with a Project Management certification. At Utrecht University she has researched the relationship between the built environment, habitual behaviours related to movement and fitness, and well being, while especially considering influence from power relations. Throughout her education, Anna has applied rigorous statistics and data management to explore her interests deductively, in the pursuit to improve quality of life for all in our cities. 

Skills and expertise

  • Designing and writing grant proposals, project procurement  
  • Reporting & monitoring project results
  • Designing and applying research methods 
  • Professionalising and synthesising findings for reader accessibility
  • Facilitating workshops & speaking engagements
  • Finding connections with other practitioners throughout Europe
  • Communication strategies to boost project presence
  • Assistance in finding tools and curating a collection of tools that relate to your case
  • Placemaking related to movement and fitness

What can you provide to the network

  • Long term strategies to implement placemaking interventions using collaborative mechanisms –
  • Whether between disciplines, backgrounds, or countries, tool development
  • Place management consultancy for sustainable and successful longevity.

Organizations & affiliations

The project you are most proud of

At the moment, a project I am most proud of is our annual Placemaking Week Europe. This year (2019), we will convene with over 400 other placemakers in Valencia to learn and share experiences regarding relevant themes and challenges. This will be a fantastic opportunity to progress the field of placemaking further. This festival/conference has required a great deal of coordination, energy, and resourcefulness and we are very excited to hold the event with La Marina de Valencia in just one week! [photo credit: La Marina de Valencia]

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