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Placemaking Europe #2020

Check out all the ways that our community has stayed active throughout this unprecedented year. 

Tooltesting #2
Light Up Your Street

Jan 17, 2020 


The Light Up Your Street event is a one day tactical urbanism workshop on the values of illumination in the neighbourhood-level public spaces, such as streets, squares, alleys or playground led by the Tooltest Day Crew/Working Group. The goal of this event is to raise awareness on the importance of artificial light (design, positioning and technical parameters) in public space and promote light design as a tool for placemaking and tactical urbanism.

Urban Maestro Project Workshop

Jan 29 -31, 2020 

Urban Maestro aims to capture and highlight knowledge about how such initiatives are used in practice, with what purpose, and with what impact on delivering better-designed places. Placemaking Europe Leader Daan Zandbelt participated in this workshop and sought to contribute to the global urban debate and the realisation of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by enhancing practices of urban design governance within Europe and beyond.

ULI Europe

Feb 3- 5, 2020 

The ULI conference provided the perfect forum for attendees to gain new insights into the latest real estate trends, as well as make new connections and strengthen existing relationships. Our leaders Hans Karssenberg and Jeroen Laven attended this conference, representing Stipo and Placemaking Europe, highlighting the added value of placemaking approaching to urban and area development.

10th Session of the
World Urban Forum
in Abu Dhabi

Feb 8- 13, 2020 

The tenth edition of WUF focused on addressing critical issues of climate change, social inclusion, and urban innovation under the umbrella of culture and innovation. Maciej Zacher was also there to represent Placemaking Europe during the launch of the PlacemakingX Network. WUF10 was full of sessions dedicated to topics related to public spaces starting from side events, networking sessions to book launches and presentation of The Journal of Public Space and its latest issue on ‘Placemaking in Arab Cities’, during a side event at the Urban Library. The Journal of Public Space is lead by our fellow Luisa Bravo and includes a section dedicated entirely to Placemaking.

JPI Urban Europe: Urban Lunch Talk #11- Innovative Governance after 10th WUF

March 20, 2020 

The PlaceCity Team joined the discussion hosted by JPI Urban Europe with special participation from Bahanur Nasya sharing the e-book Exploring Placemaking in Context completed by the PlaceCity team in order to understand the current conditions for place/space in the respective case neighbourhoods, as well as how these placemakers work, acquire funding, apply resources, connect with each other, overcome challenges, and find inspiration. We invite you to read and explore the PlaceCity book and rewatch the lunch webinar!

Place-led Development Webinar #1

April 8, 2020 

This first webinar, hosted by Placemaking Europe, focused on the theme Place-Led Development with Hans Karssenberg from STIPO, as well as involved our Board Members: Jeroen Laven, Vivian Doumpa, & Ramon Marrades.  Place Led Development is an important strategy within the network that we develop with placemakers, cities, and market parties on transforming placemaking from temporary interventions into more structural and fundamental urban development.

Film Screening Ekumenopolis:
City Without Limits

April 14, 2020 

CrossChange, Inspiring Cities and Placemaking Europe co-organised the ‘home’ screening and online Q&A. Ekumenopolis: City Without Limits attempts to build a picture of neoliberal urban growth in Istanbul and shed a light on its environmental and social costs. Istanbul has been changing from an industrial city to a finance and service-centered city, competing with other world cities for investment in the last decades and this has transformed both the urban and social fabric of the city immensely. The documentary brings together a variety of voices by featuring sociologists, economists, architects, social activists and the residents of informal settlements.


April 29, 2020 

Placemaking Europe joined forces together with  ISCA – International Sport and Culture Association and NowWeMove to celebrate the stairs and their usage on #NoElevatorsDay on April 29! 

#NoElevatorsDay highlights a way for people who are able to add physical activity to their day: by promoting using the stairs for daily physical activity at home.


May 30 – June 5, 2020 

Porch Placemaking is about taking action and bringing people together (from a safe distance) by activating your front porch (or balcony, front yard, stoop, or driveway). Simply put, the project is about connecting with neighbours through small scale, tactical projects.

This is a network of self-organised projects around the world instigated and led by Co-Design Studio. In its inaugural year, the movement included over 200 different across 30 countries. Placemaking Europe network took place in the week with their own projects throughout Europe (check out the map in the link below). The success of this shows the power of our collective community to come together and put ideas to work in real time. 

Working Group Accelerator Workshop

June 23, 2020 

Placemaking Europe hosted an online workshop to accelerate the Working Groups’ formation. Previous to this, during Placemaking Week Europe – Valencia 2019,  we realised the demand for thematically focused groups based on our network participants’ expertise,  interests, needs, and also the challenges that arise in placemaking projects. 

Therefore, we have 11 thematic and 2 media/publication oriented working groups within Placemaking Europe that can go deeper into these ideas, collaborate, and gain support.  In line with this, 5 of these groups have now organised their own agenda and recurring meetings to work on their thematically relevant projects together. You can read more/tap into each Working Group in the link below. 

PlaceCity Vienna Symposium

June 30 – July 2, 2020 

The PlaceCity Symposium, hosted by Superwien Mara Haas and Roland Krebs (and also Placemaking Europe Leaders), explored online on Day 1: COVID-19, how we can extend public spaces to enjoy our cities better, on Day 2:  what is the potential of placemaking as a tool for urban regeneration, and finally physically in Vienna on Day 3: a local exploratory city walk.  Bahanur Nasya, Anna Louise Bradley and Hans Karssenberg, from Placemaking Europe,  took part in the workshop and were honoured to share presentations about place-led development and how the network is developing placemaking tools to aid in this endeavour. 

Nordic CityMaking

Sept 15- 18, 2020

In mid September, over 1,500 citymakers from all around the world gathered both online and in Helsinki and Vantaa together to discuss what is Nordic in our cities, what do we mean with citymaking, and how can we as citymakers create better ways of working and thinking together to make our cities better.

Many of our Placemaking Europe leaders joined the Nordic CityMaking Week to share their knowledge and experiences in the educational and inspiring sessions. All the recordings you can find here, and congratulations to the Placemaking Europe Team on great presentations!

Elise Perrault, Fredrik Lindstål, Charlot Schans, Charles Landry, Hans Karssenberg

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