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We are delighted to welcome you to our European web-platform for placemakers and placemaking tools. We strongly believe that our members, publications, events and tools will help you through your placemaking journey. 

We are a network of thousands of placemakers primarily based and working in Europe. We are the proud network behind Placemaking Week Europe. We connect to share our experiences, develop tools, champion each other, and work together to make great places. We are so excited to welcome  you to the community. 


Placemaking Week Europe is...

Placemaking Week Europe is Europe’s biggest conference and festival celebrating the impact of placemaking on the urban fabric. Approximately 400 placemakers, a diverse mixture of professionals working on creating a better public space and city at eye level, met in Valencia from June 12th-15th 2019. A variety of placemakers, politicians, civil servants, developers, big and small companies shared best practices, create new knowledge in interactive workshops, accelerate existing and new projects and celebrate the growing contribution of placemaking in creating better cities.

Placemaking Week Europe 2019 has been made possible with the help of the following partners:


How can I get involved?

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Placemakers, employees of city administrations, and other organisations who (want to) work with placemaking from all around Europe can become a member of the association and work with us to build up and extend the reach of this new network. 


With the help of sponsors we do a better job realizing our goals. We love working together with partners, building and sharing knowledge, working on projects, pushing placemaking and the city at eye level.


Please contact for more information.

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